Do you want your business to reach new customers, boost sales and increase profits?

I’m the cold call master who can give you just that! I can help you increase sales, get feedback and warm “leads”.

Want more customers for your business? You need a sales call master!Looking for someone who makes a lot of calls? Here I am!

Working with Birgit for the past 6 months has been extremely beneficial to our business. Her input has helped to secure a steady flow of new sales leads.

Birgit is a real master at cold calling – if you can’t get in one door, you can certainly get in the second or third. She is extremely consistent and motivated, and her skilful approach has been noticeable in our sales results.

Birgit is very proactive in arranging meetings and making calls. She asks a lot of questions that help me to prepare better and conduct meetings more efficiently.

I really appreciate Birgit’s professionalism and commitment.

Harry Käsk

Business Development Manager, Agrello OÜ

I got to know Birgit at the Italian beauty fair Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2024, where she was the “whisperer” of the Aesti skincare booth. I can say with certainty that it is difficult to achieve the result that this woman is capable of. She worked like a perfect (machine) communicator, who figured out in a few seconds if it was a valuable customer or if it was worth to move on. Her strategy and intuition worked wonderfully in the selection of clients – to communicate with about 600 people in 3 days and to send 150 very valuable contacts from all over the world to the Aesti booth, who were interested in Aesti peat products and cooperation – is a great achievement! Birgit’s body language, her smile and her tone of voice – they made an impact on customers. Her results did not go unnoticed by other countries who wanted to work with Birgit and she was invited to sell in Brazil, Peru, Senegal, Albania, etc. Even our next-door competitors went to talk to Birgit and were amazed that Estonia had such an effective sales machine. People from all over the world were inspired by Birgit, but I was inspired the most! Great energy! You can see from a distance that communication is your gift! Good luck!

Kaido Kubri

Personality consultant, Eludisainer OÜ

From our experience in the company, we can say that Birgit is an absolutely exceptional and unique salesperson. Birgit knows exactly what to do and what NOT TO DO to meet sales targets. 

Birgit is like an elite sprinter who is characterized by working at maximum intensity for a short period. She always comes to the start rested and focused, sets her best technique, takes off on time, and always focuses on winning. She has power, speed, and explosive ability.

It’s a pity AI can’t yet create such Birgits because every company should have at least 3 Birgits.

Lilian Promet

Co-founder of Meaningful Talks, Meaningful Talks OÜ

Services I can help you with:

Telemarketing / Database

Discover the power of telemarketing! Actively sell your products/services through a powerful cold calling strategy. In addition, the possibility to arrange video meetings with potential customers. You’ll also have a list of contacts I’ve interacted with!


Sales call masterclass: I will train your sales team how to skillfully make cold calls where you never say NO. I will provide the encouragement and motivation you need to overcome your fears of starting a call and thereby achieve exceptional sales success.


The power of sales insights: before you start selling, I will conduct in-depth research with your customers to understand WHY they use your company’s products/services. I also research those who don’t yet! Gain the knowledge base to support effective sales.

In-depth analysis of results

Performance review: after meeting your objectives, we’ll do an in-depth performance analysis together, where we’ll look closely at the key concerns, joys and customer feedback that have come to me. Reflecting on the results and planning next steps.


A professional partner for your sales success

18+ years sales experience

Let your business shine! I’m your partner to help you find new contacts, organise meetings and increase your turnover. 

If you want to boost your company’s sales performance and expand your customer base, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m Birgit Arus, a professional sales specialist dedicated to helping your business achieve the results you want.

If you feel that you are missing customers, call me on +372 52 969 16 and an appointment will be our first step in mapping the situation and discussing your goals and vision.

Why choose my sales calls service?

1. Competence and long experience:

I have 18 years of sales experience as a dedicated sales professional. My professional communication skills and knowledge guarantee the best results.

2. Individual approach.

 I understand that every company has unique needs. That’s why I tailor sales strategies to your company’s specific characteristics and objectives.

3. Commitment to results:

My goal is to ensure that you get maximum sales.

Sales experience:

2022-2023 QQQ OÜ (Sales Manager)

Selling SEO trainings, providing explanations on why a client company needs SEO and the benefits it brings. In addition to this, I will also take care of setting up and customizing Google Ads campaigns, as well as creating in-depth reports according to the client’s needs.

2021-2022 Httpool Baltics OÜ (Linkedin/ Ad Colony Client Partner)

Httpool empowers native advertisers to effectively reach global audiences through its vast network of media partners, including renowned platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and profound expertise, Httpool guarantees that its clients consistently surpass their ROI objectives and unlock their maximum potential.

2006-2021 Telia Eesti AS (Advertising Sales Project Manager)

I have over 15 years of valuable experience in online advertising sales, including banner advertising sales on In addition, I have been active in outdoor advertising sales, TV advertising (Inspira TV channel), e-mail campaigns ( environment) and also magazine sales with an impressive circulation of 100 000 copies.

2004-2006 Roosa Elevant (Project Manager)

I specialized in a company focused on e-mail campaigns, where I offered a wide range of services. In addition to discovering new sales opportunities and increasing sales to existing clients, I also managed the acquisition and effective management of new clients. I was also responsible for developing promotional tactics and creating engaging content.

How does the sales call service work?

Designing your strategy

We always start with an understanding of your business needs and objectives, and from there I will develop a comprehensive sales strategy.

Careful targeting

I will carefully prepare and select the most appropriate target groups to ensure maximum effectiveness of your sales calls.

Professional calls

I will consistently make a very high number of calls introducing your company’s products or services, generating interest, and, if necessary, setting up appointments.

What does our cooperation look like?

A meeting that changes everything!

I invite you to a 1:1 meeting where we can get to know your company’s service/product in depth.

Meeting 2 – I’ll prepare all the necessary materials, files or other documents so I can get a complete overview. At this meeting, I’ll look forward to your skillful training and sales presentation so I can quickly grasp what I’m about to sell.


Choose your path to sales!

I offer you the choice of three different plans to suit your needs. Each plan has a different number of sales calls: 150, 250 or even 400 calls. Choose your path to sales and see your business boom with new customers!

The power of data!

I’ll make sure you have all the information you need at your fingertips. Every day I create a detailed file of all interactions with customers, their responses, and the number of warm ‘leads’ with comments. In addition, I’ll organize one important video meeting a week to give you an even more detailed overview and discuss strategy for the way forward.


Starter package – 50 “cold calls”.

Ideal for new clients who want to get to know my sales skills. This package allows you to see how effective I am in sales through 50 targeted sales calls. In addition to the initial calls, I’ll take you through the entire sales process if required – mapping out, introduction, meeting, closing and next customer, tailoring the number of calls and the scope of the process to your needs.

The package includes:

    • 50 tailored sales calls: I will personally conduct 50 targeted calls, using approaches tailored to your business. I will also agree how far I will take the process with each client.
    • Real-time trackable feedback and contact sharing allowing you to track in real time who I have engaged with and maintain contact with all prospects. I also document all agreements made to ensure full transparency and traceability.
    • Personal consultation: Together we will discuss the sales results and see how my sales services can help you achieve your sales goals in the future.
    • The first step to a longer-term partnership: Once you are satisfied with the results, we can move on to extended packages that include more calls and an in-depth strategy to increase your sales.


€ 990

Full immersion – 150 “cold calls”.

This package is designed to provide a comprehensive and targeted sales strategy focused on 150 cold calls. Each call is carefully planned to showcase just your product or service. We work with you to select the period over which these calls will be made, ensuring that each contact is a potential customer who is open to your offer.

  • Qualified contacts: All 150 calls are targeted at potential customers interested in your product or service. Do not count those who respond with a ‘not interested’.
  • In-depth feedback and strategic meeting: After the call campaign, we will organize a meeting to discuss key challenges and effective selling points. I will provide feedback that will help your sales team or person in charge to better formulate their strategy and prepare for even more effective sales in the future.
  • The ultimate goal is to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to enable your team to operate more effectively in the future without my help.



Maximizing potential – 400 “cold calls”!

With this package, you will take your sales to a new level by implementing 400 carefully targeted “cold call” sales calls. This package is designed for companies that want to maximize their market potential through active and strategic customer communication.

  • Precisely-targeted calls: Each call is targeted at specifically selected potential customers who are interested in your products or services.
  • Strategic feedback and a networking meeting: At the end of the calls, we will organize a meeting to analyze key challenges and successful selling points. During this meeting, I will provide your sales team or person in charge with valuable feedback that will help to improve sales strategies and increase future performance.
  • Deeper autonomy and success: The ultimate goal is to equip your team with the skills and knowledge to enable you to perform more effectively in the future without my direct assistance.

Choose this package if you are ready to make a serious commitment to developing your sales capability and want to achieve significant results using proven strategies and personal commitment.




If you would like more information, fill in the inquiry form and I will contact you!

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