An active approach in global fairs

If your company participates in international trade shows, it is critical not only to be present but also to be actively involved in prospecting potential customers. Unlike the traditional approach of “aggressively” waiting for visitors to step up to your booth, I employ proactive sales tactics to maximize the effectiveness of your trade show participation.
Invest in proactive sales and watch your trade show attendance ROI increase significantly. Together, we can revolutionize your trade show experience and achieve remarkable results.

My service focuses on the following elements:

Targeted communication

From the moment you arrive at the fair, I actively engage with visitors to understand their needs and objectives. This allows me to quickly identify those most likely to be interested in your products or services.

Immediate product/service introduction

If I see that a visitor’s needs match your offer, I will immediately introduce your product or service and direct them to your booth. This method ensures that I only interact with the most relevant and valuable contacts.

Proven results

The effectiveness of my approach is clearly demonstrated by past experiences, such as the Cosmoprof 2024 trade fair in Bologna, where I interacted with 600 visitors and concluded 150 real collaborations for my client. This means that one in four interactions led to a result, which is a significantly higher efficiency compared to a normal trade fair presence.

I got to know Birgit at the Italian beauty fair Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2024, where she was the “whisperer” of the Aesti skincare booth. I can say with certainty that it is difficult to achieve the result that this woman is capable of. She worked like a perfect (machine) communicator, who figured out in a few seconds if it was a valuable customer or if it was worth to move on. Her strategy and intuition worked wonderfully in the selection of clients – to communicate with about 600 people in 3 days and to send 150 very valuable contacts from all over the world to the Aesti booth, who were interested in Aesti peat products and cooperation – is a great achievement! Birgit’s body language, her smile and her tone of voice – they made an impact on customers. Her results did not go unnoticed by other countries who wanted to work with Birgit and she was invited to sell in Brazil, Peru, Senegal, Albania, etc. Even our next-door competitors went to talk to Birgit and were amazed that Estonia had such an effective sales machine. People from all over the world were inspired by Birgit, but I was inspired the most! Great energy! You can see from a distance that communication is your gift! Good luck!

Kaido Kubri

Personality consultant, Eludisainer OÜ

Why choose my trade fair sales service?

High conversion rate

Through effective communication and a targeted approach, I will increase the number of potential customers, which will lead to a higher conversion rate.

Optimization of time and resources

Your team can concentrate on being in the booth and building quality relationships, while I bring you the customers who are already interested.

International experience

Previous work at various international trade fairs gives me the ability to adapt to different cultures and market demands, ensuring that your message reaches your target audience effectively.

Direct economic benefits: more customers, higher revenues

Participating in trade fairs is an investment intended to bring real returns to your business. The difference between leaving with 3 potential prospects or 150 potential customers can mean a significant difference in your sales results. My job is to optimize that investment by ensuring that a trade fair visit is not just a presentation, but an effective sales opportunity.

A higher-than-average contact conversion rate at trade fairs directly translates into higher sales and profits. By actively seeking out potential customers, you will leave the fair not only with a large number of contacts but also with real business opportunities. Every contact you take with you from the show is a step closer to the next successful sale.

When you invest in my trade show sales service, you’re not just investing in trade show participation – you’re investing in the future and growth of your business.


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